frequently asked questions

Many of the questions you have, were questions asked and answered in the setup of this organization as well as research of solutions. Feel free to contact us for more specific answers, should you not find satisfactory responses below.

General Inquiries

Dialect Dialogue is an organization standing to explore, share and promote Mother Language learning within the African Diaspora.

The mobile solution, DialectDialogue by Dialect Dialogue, is a blank canvas platform that works for any language. Although many languages, even in Africa, have learning materials, verfy often due to resource limitations the granularity of language is lost because small geographice dialects are not catered for. UNICEF sponsors Language Preservation, because languages truly disappear.

The concept is very simple, given the follwoing assumptions; 1. Someone knows a language, maybe with a specific dialect. 2. That person would lke to share this unique language with friends, children and / or their spouse. 3. The “teacher” creates records on the mobile application, by combining the item’s Text, Audio and an image. 4. The leaner then is able to browse through the records created; playback the audio, see the picture and read the text. Easy learning!

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