About us


Passion driven people with a dream of a future in which investing in DNA tests to trace heritage should be not found in our descendants.

We serve communities that are not a priority for bigger langauge learning solutions, but a top priority for us the shapers of our languages’ futures.

Our Misission

To provide a progressively mobile, flexible and fun platform on which children away from their land of origin, in the diaspora, can learn not only the broad language, but specific dialects of their forefathers. directors meetings.

Our History

2014 FEB 21

Official Launch of the Dialect Dialogue organization and the Android version of the Dialect Dialogue mobile solution

2013 FALL

A University of Texas Tyler Computer Science Capstone group takes on the project to develop a prototype of the Dialect Dialogue mobile device concept. I dedicated this App to my Daughter Anesu Rose who inspired this concept. ,


While growing as a father in the American diaspora, I noticed my daughter continued to refer to several objects, actions and conditions in both Chimanyika-Shona and English. I recalled my grandfather, while in Tyler Texas, thinking he was in Umtali Rhodesia(colonial City of Mutare, Zimbabwe) and thinking;... I would want someone to understand me should I grow old and only able to converse in my mother language(CHimanyika-Shona.